MI5 Placed in Special Measures for Mishandling Data

Perhaps for all those who feel confident in the forces of law and order, MI5 has been placed in special measures for the mishandling of information and heavily criticised by the senior judge to whom they are meant to report.
Very worrying.

As if MI5 are really worried. And it doesnt worry me either as even if it did it wouldnt make any difference.

The whole point is that very often you never know.
If your political point of view is different from that of government, you could be included.
Trades unionists, Labour politicians etc.

Too be honest i really dont want to know. More than likely, even if you agree with the government, you could be included. For me there are more important things in life than crapping myself about MI5. Oh BTW, I know I am known to MI5 along with all the other service personnel both past and present.

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I would imagine most non Tory politicians are known to MI5.
It certainly doesn’t worry me as long as they don’t mix innocent people up with those of a dubious character. I’m sure they’ve got more important things to do than worry about my rants about Farage and Johnson!

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Qoute from the article “It is against the law to keep data when it is no longer needed.” I assume this would also apply to the police forces of the UK ?? And they dont comply so why should an authority much higher up the food chain comply. Nothing will come out of this. Just a bunch of libtard snowflakes scared their little secrets might come out in the open.