Michael O'Leary to run for Taoiseach (PM)? Would he do it better?


Michael O'Leary for Taoiseach! What do you think?

If Michael O'Leary were to become Taoiseach, I wonder how he would solve many of the country's problems? For example, he could tackle traffic congestion by insisting everyone take the bus to work, for a flat, small fee. You would have to check in on-line before going to the bus stop. If you didn't print out your ticket, you would have to pay €40. Only one bag per passenger. He would allow an hour for a half-hour journey, so you will always arrive at your destination "on time", etc., etc., etc. Any other ideas?


This is over 15 minutes long but well worth watching, if you haven't already seen it.

Yes he has gone up in mine too. People have been leaving Ireland for years for whatever reason unfortunately the young people leaving Ireland now have been through the excellent education system and are taking skills with them, they may not necessarily return.

I do not agree with any Government supporting emigration and I certainly do not agree with Governments who take in too many economic refugees which ultimately helps drain the system.....

Michael O’Leary has gone up another few places in my estimation. Of course it is a "lifestyle choice", why should anyone apologise for stating the obvious? It is simple, most people emigrating from a country that is in the shit are not leaving their family, friends, selling up and setting off for a career change or an extended holiday they are going because they want to get away from the dole queues and the depression that clouds every discussion, stifles ambition and work.

There is nothing at all wrong with getting away to another country in search of new opportunities and experiences and who says you have to go home? I know many Irish who returned to Ireland in the days of the Tiger and I suspect this new crisis will spawn another flight who will return some day. Those that do return will bring back skills and experiences that will benefit the 4 million who were afraid to let go and embrace the adventure.

Here’s an idea, after years of Ireland taking in and feeding economic refugees from around the world, the government could sponsor emigration and save a fortune in dole money and social security.

Great question Sheila, let’s see where it takes us.

Yes he made his feelings quite clear in an interview on RTE 1 on Friday night he is no fan of the current or past Governments in Ireland. I am not sure about Taoiseach but I certainly agree with a lot of what he says. The young people of Ireland from country towns have moved to Dublin and the bigger cities for work for years and recession or no recession have moved to Europe and further as long as I can remember. I think when older people with families have to move away for work that is a different thing.

in the current climate is not necessarily for a 'Lifestyle Change'.