Micro entrepeneur registration

I am in the process of completing miicro entrepeneur form with guichet-enterprise.fr. as a plasterer/tiler.
One of the things they are askng is.
A declaration on the honor of non-conviction showing the filiation.
Any advice please where i can obtain this?
Thank you

Could you give the phrase in French, so we know what is actually being asked for, please? :wink:

But a “déclaration sur l’honneur” or “attestation sur l’honneur” is a handwritten (or typed, with the last sentence handwritten) statement written and signed by you, confirming whatever it is you need to confirm. It’s a legal document and can be used in court. This is a routine procedure in France and can be asked for in all kinds of situations. For most types of déclaration sur l’honneur you can find models online that you can simply copy, putting in your own details.

Explanation and basic formula here https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/R31806


Hi Anna. Thank you.
The original phrase is.
Une déclaration sur l’honneur de non condamnation faisant apparaître la filiation.

I think this is what you need. You can’t actually use this one unless you’re registering in Paris, but if you can’t find an equivalent for your own CCI then just copy the wording, inserting the relevant personal information, and send that.

(obviously you don’t need to copy out the law at the bottom, that is for your information)

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Thank you very much Anna.
You are very helpfull.

Yes I am, aren’t I :grin: but it’s only because people were helpful to me when I first arrived, and it’s good to pass on the favour.
Shame I don’t live in Champagne Mouton though, I could do with a good plasterer…


Thank you.
How long have you lived in France?
Where do you live? If you don’t mind me asking.

Of course I don’t mind, not a secret - about 10 years and a long way from you unfortunately, Basse Normandie.

Oh shame. Thank you again for your advice.
I am sure i will be picking your brain soon enough.

Hello Anna.
I don’t know if you got my last email. I am registering as AE and the Chambre de Metiers are asking for proof that I have been self employed in the UK. I have sent them the income&expenditure figures for the past three years,(translated) but they have come back saying this.

Il nous faut des documents certifiés ( Extrait de radiation de votre ancienne entreprise, Justificatif des Impôts …. ) et traduits.

Do you know what they need?

Thank you