Micro entrepreneur exemption for artist

I want to start a small business teaching pottery to beginners but noticed in the info there are exemptions for artists. Can anyone enlighten me as to what constitutes an artist for tax purposes, given I am a ceramics artist but have no formal qualification will this apply to me?

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Hi Pat, I’m a ceramic artist. I understand you wish to teach ceramics, and that you seek clarification on how the profession of ‘artiste’ is defined in France, so that you can connect the dots from your situation as non-qualified… to eligibility for tax exemption as an artist. I imagine you might already know that to confess ‘non-qualification’ is a big sort of red-letter thing. France is very interested in qualifications, artists unions, documentation. You probably know all of this?

I confess I don’t have an answer, but here are some questions (while perhaps sounding a bit tedious to you, might be worth considering):

What experience do you have in ceramics? Do you know others in the ceramic arts community, in France? Do you have an atelier? Are you a member of any of the artist unions? Have you shown your own work in galleries anywhere? Have you taught art or… any subject, before?

How well-versed are you in French? Whom do you plan to teach, what age and in what language? Do you have a business plan?

Lastly, please could you explain what you mean by ‘noticed in the info’… Please, to what info are you referring? What did you notice, exactly?

Looking forward to being able to provide something helpful… Sorry for all of these pesky questions, but they seem important to know, so that once you provide some more info then it will be easier to give you the best suggestions.

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Hello Mary.

Thank you for getting back to me on this matter. Sorry to say I have no formal qualifications and my French currently is very poor but I am learning. I have not exhibited my work and I’m not a member of any unions. Looks pretty damning on all counts. I’m not worried about not qualifying for the exemption which clearly I cannot but does it mean I can’t give classes? I love what I do and just want to share it with others. Like most potters I am passionate about playing with clay. I have had tuition over many years, mostly at evening classes and am still in-touch with my last tutor in the UK who thought I was gifted. I don’t think that helps any but it makes me feel good.

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