Might this be a new source of funding for the NHS?

Seems there is a lot of unaccounted-for wealth floating around in UK… It will be interesting to follow this and see what happens next…

What will the government do with any confiscated funds ???

About time too. All these precautions against money laundering are a nuisance to ordinary people.
Having to prove that money actually is coming from the sale of your only house palesh into insignificance against the money these russians etc are bringing into the UK.
It is always the innocent majority who pay the price for guilty minority.

I’ve got an idea Stella, just give the money to Barbara, she’ll know what to do with it.:grinning:


@tim17 … you might very well say that… I couldn’t possibly comment… :heart_eyes:


I do find it odd how generous some people would be with other people’s money.

They are bringing their money in. Surely that’s of economic benefit to the UK.

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Tom, much of this is proceeds of crime etc. Is that what you want, the UK economy to be based upon dirty money?