Migrating Birds 2019

Watched a very long, wide ribbon of birds flying south yesterday. I know which birds they were not… but I could not identify which birds they were… flying too high

ie not ducks, geese, too big for finches, not the grues, not pigeons…

anyone seen this recently and know which birds they are.

The ribbon was long and wide and undulating…

Taken in North West England on Thursday

that looks like the grue which we get … they’ve not passed us yet…

my lot was a really thick/deep band of birds…

Ducks/geese/grues are very distinctive in their flight patterns.

It wasn’t far from a wildfowl reserve to be fair

It’s a lovely sight :hugs:

I was actually stood in a police headquarters car park when they flew over I got some funny looks taking the pictures. A couple of years ago I was outside Blackpool waiting for a bus when literally thousands of birds flew over it was stunning

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