Military Medical Pensions

Hi! We are looking at our options! Can you help?

My husband & I are both retired military and get medical Pensions plus War Pension as we were both injured during our Service. In the UK they are tax free as we were medically discharged. I’ve asked the Paymaster in Crawley and they said with the dual tax we would not be liable for tax if we moved to France permanently however any income we receive in France we would be? I.e. Rent from a gite etc

I wonder if anyone else out there could give us some decent advise please!

Hi Shelley,
I am myself a retired military.
According to the dual tax avoidance bilateral agreement UK-France State pensions like military ones are to be taxed in the country of origin. For you, the UK.
However incomes received in France will be taxed in this country if you become a resident.
Hope this will help.


Hi Christian