If there is something I really miss is a milkshake on a warm day but for some reason I can’t seem to find any in France and this is strange because I have not been to any country where you can’t get in a fast food chains except France do anyone now why ore some special reason???

The Starbucks type coffee places would sell frappacinos and the like which are not all coffee based. I seem to remember one shop selling fruit and milk drinks which were popular with my kids but this was a few years ago.

Micky D’s do miserable small artificial things they call frappes which are much more expensive but not the same.

Burger King do in France the ones Mickey D’s did in England. I think Wendy’s used to here. I’ve seen Paul do them. Laduree has definitely done them at something like 10 francs per ounce and for what there was of them, they were OK

Apart from some areas of Northern France only children drink milk. You’ll have to content yourself with ice cream or make your own!


My wife gets something similar called Fortimel for free on prescription because of their vitamin content. At 2 bottles a day that is a very heavy carton from pharmacy to car every month. :roll_eyes:

I haven’t tasted them, and I don’t drink milk (except with cereals) so have no idea how close they are to milk shakes.

Given that milkshakes from fast food chains are thickened with pork fat, I would suggest making your own with fresh fruit, farm milk and a scoop of ice cream in a blender. It will taste far nicer than any you’ve ever bought and will be better for your health too.
Try adding a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg or ginger to give it some pizzazz as well.


My neighbour used to have them, and we tried them. I thought they were horrid sort of gloopy blandness.

We stopped eating most commercial ice cream once we realised that some contained meat fats and bone gelatine. Unless the ice cream specifies that it is dairy ice cream a cow may have had little part in its production.

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my local supermarket is always putting pork fat round roasts and tournedos. It’s an alien taste to the meat and I have no idea why it. Is that a French thing?

If they are so keen to get rid of pork fat then I wish they would make lard easier to find.

Both Intermarche and SuperU around here have lard…

My wife seems to like them, with or without biscuits, and there are several different flavours. She also uses them as a replacement for custard with either pain au raisins or Suisses that I buy from the boulangerie.

I’m very pleased that she does as she doesn’t eat very much of anything else.

McDonald’s sell them apparently

Thanks @AngelaR Angela. I’m not aware of a SuperU anywhere near here. But there is a smallish Intermarche 40kms away at Figeac that I’ve not been going into. Sounds like I should.

Is that a slight on ch’nord?! :rage: :joy: :joy:

Is that a slight on ch’nord?! :rage: :joy:

Not at all, Breton dairy products are fab. But round here milk goes to cheese and no one drinks milk apart from youngsters.

They do, it is called Saindoux and is usually sold on the meat counter and not with the fats as you would normally expect.

It’s to help moisten potentially dry cuts of meat - you’ll find better quality butchers in the UK often do similar things. Note also use of lardons (Fr and UK, US ‘lardoons’) for similar reasons on roasting cuts.