Ministere de la transition ecologique cheque

This was a pleasant surprise, this morning, in the post; a cheque made out to us. From what I understand, this amount will be deducted each year from our energy bills. We just need to give the cheque to our elec. company and they will reduce our annual bill with the credit. I’m going online to the relevant link. Does everyone get this?

only the poor and needy I think :slightly_smiling_face:
I did post a link to the scheme a little while ago…

To me France is good at schemes to help those on low incomes. I think cheque energie has a threshold of around 10.5k per person based on RFR.

Perhaps all the under the radar people who have never filled out a tax return and joined health system will get an equally pleasant surprise when they find they get a cheque energie and can also apply for a free or low cost mutuelle via complémentaire santé. And other benefits too I think, as well as no taxe d’hab.

…and in today’s post a Chèque énergie pour moi! so we must be poor too :wink"
Quite generous too…

Really? Would you direct me to the relevant information, Jane, please?

I thought taxe d’hab. had already reduced in stages down to zero.

all I’ve got to work out now is how to get it applied…

Here is a link to a simulator to see if eligible. What I don’t know if whether people with S1s can apply (I don’t see why not…) so would be interesting to find that out

Some people, like us, still pay taxe d’hab :frowning:

Their pleasant surprise can be not actually going to gaol et basta.


This cheque écologique: I received mine this morning. Does the sum need to be declared on the tax return? If so, does anyone know which form and where?

Surely not? At least, not until next year, perhaps? It is money received in 2021, not 2020.

Having already completed my return for this year I was thinking of next year’s. The original question stands :slightly_smiling_face:

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If one receives a cheque is it automatically issued the following year, if ones circumstances stay the same?

Extremely doubtful. The very reason you are granted it is because of low income in the first place. Bit like a discount from your local SuperU in a way…
As the FR Governement issued it in the first place, if it was assessable for tax, they would add it to your next year’s return.

Provided you filled in the second part and registered it, then yes.


Oops, husband is looking to see if he kept the paperwork! Thought it was a one off :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

should never throw official papers like that away :wink:

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Thankfully OH kept the paperwork, phew!
Now, how do I register and is it to late for this year?

The letter tells you to go onto section and it is very straightforward. You get a list of elec / gas suppliers … tick the one you use, carry on…
Within hours your supplier will email you confirming that the amount is being credited. So does the work for you.

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