Missing European visitors

During the past seven years touring round on our camping car, one of the main delights has been meeting fellow travellers from other countries. Germans, Dutch, Finn’s and many more. Many speak English and when they see our Irish flag stop and chat.

So far this year in the non lockdown periods everywhere we have been there have been no other Europeans, just French camping caristes who as you may or may not know are a race apart. Our Irish flag works like a Citronella candle
One look and they disappear!! Most seem to watch TV from the moment they arrive and all seem to be in bed by eight. We are always the last to lights out!!
We look forward to welcoming our European friends back.

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Maybe the Irish flag (lovely as it is) makes your fellow campers think you’re not French speakers Mike. An Irish rugby jersey tends to stimulate more debate :slightly_smiling_face:

I have one of those as well. I have just washed it and will wear it tomorrow. We are off to a site on Ile D’ Oléron on Saturday run by an Irish couple and as the terrasses are due to open on Wednesday hoping there may be a Guinness or two to be had to wash away this awful weather. It’s not often you have to get up at midnight to tie things down due to wind and rain in middle of May.

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