Mobile apps for your business

Good evening everyone,

I'm running an online auction business, and have been considering developing a mobile app.

I found this site earlier today :

Ive only played with it for a whiile but it's fairly straightforward ( and free) , and thought that everyone here might find it useful.



Thanks for the link Tim. Been meaning to get round to getting my sites ( and repurposed for mobile devices for some time and this seems a good place to start. Will report one I've had a go.


Hi Peter,

I advertise on here (, so I hope people don't see this as an advertorial ( sorry if you do)

I started it as a lower cost alternative to the larger sites, and also to allow users to advertise in English wherever in Europe they are. One of the main reasons was to help avoid the usual questions when advertising on other expat site - where are you, can you send me some pictures, whats your best price etc.

I also use the ipad a lot - every day in fact, so I have a vested interest in trying to make one of these apps. At the mo it looks like the android bit is fairly straightforward, but costs a bit to submit the app to Apple for approval ( this appears to be the norm unless you are certified developer and have the SDK kit as I think it's called), but the costs are not prohibitive given the potential end user benefits..

Rather hilariously, I don't have an android phone, so once I have finished the app, would anyone here be prepared to test it for me ? :-)



Hi Tim,
Interesting and I have no doubt many are looking at running app based applications as business models change and the number of smart phones and apple and tablet devises rockets. I know personally that I now use my iPad about 60% of the time and use it very often for online purchases and auctions.
What type of auction business do you run?
Best Regards