Mobile contract or PAYG

Good morning everybody, I'm trying to buy a mobile number to use on my resume but I had a look and all PAYG expires after a while if you don't top-up... What does it mean "expires"? How does it work?

Thank you in advance, Luca

I have a leclerc card, they charge me about €2.50 a month plus calls direct from my bank account, I hardly make any calls so i am usually in credit I just need a mobile In case of emergency. I am sue PAYG are cheaper but I would just forget to top up.

Yes :- At E Leclerc Hyper marchés

"What does it mean "expires"? How does it work".

After a short period, from a month usually all the unused credit disappears into their coffers, the only one I've found that is close to a UK PAYG is

Where you buy a sim for your phone and there is then a monthly charge of €1.5 taken from your credit but the rest remains ready to use.

Hi i have just gone with i pay 2 euro per month for 2 hours of calls and unlimited texts. if you go to their web site it gives you all the details.

"still much cheaper than a contract phone"... I pay 2,99€ a month for 2 hours communication with virgin ;-)

"expires" means you can't make calls, apart from emergency services, but you can usually still receive them no problem for a number of months or years - depends on the operator - the newer ones are far better/credit on payg lasts far longer 10€ recharge on nrj etc lasts 6 months rather than 1 or 2 weeks with orange or sfr. I can sell you a payg sim for symacom/lebara/nrj/ortel/virgin. 10€ plus postage and most have 5 or 7,5€ credit already on them ;-)

where could you buy a LeClerc PAYG sim card? is it possible to top up from UK, ie online?


We have just cancelled our Orange mobile contract (10 euro a month and the only time it is used is when they phone us wanting to upgrade it) and bought a LeClerc PAYG sim card. It does not expire but they do charge 1.50 a month from the total credit if it is not used - still much cheaper than a contract phone. I also still have an O2 sim, that the credit never expires on, for visits back to the UK