Mobile home tenancy issue


We have a mobile home we use in the Summer, recently the owner and I have had a dispute over a neighbouring van which as far as I was concerned is resolved. Since this issue we have been invited to leave on a number of occasions and on Friday received an email instructing us to leave. There are no agreements etc as he runs this place by the seat of his pants.

We do not want to leave and have no issue paying our ground rent in January - other than the fact that the relationship has turned toxic. Do we have any rights - or does he need a court order to force us off and at least a valid reason that will stand up in court. We have investement in our mobile home and recently spent 3k euros on it.

Kind Regards


Sheila WB remark is very pertinent, accidents happen so easily. I would move.

Hi Kevin, and welcome to SFN. Can't help you on the law but if the relationship has turned toxic, would you not be better off finding alternative land on which to park your mobile home? How long is the home unattended? Is it safe now?

Best of luck with finding a solution.