Mobile Internet service recomendation

Does anyone have a recommendation for a temporary mobile internet service I can buy/lease while re-locating to Vienne. I can get one over in the UK, but is there a better deal in France that I can get hold off.

Thank you for any recomendations.

Thank you


If you compare the data portions of French mobile subscriptions, you can't beat Free's 50GB for 20€/month. I don't know the technical details but maybe it assumes you use Free's own 4G network, not roaming via Orange.
Anyway, be very careful about which network you choose (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free). In the countryside it makes a huge difference in speed and quality.

How about the uk three, use in france is included in monthly allowance .

Do you mean mobile as in phone or movable? mobile phone - cheap sim is with network FREE 2euros a month gets you 2 hours call time, unlimited texts, some MMS and 50 meg internet (other packages available). Or SFR has dongle package that is movable, I dont think you can rent them anymore so its about 45euro to buy dongle then packages start from 15 euro a month. We use this ourselves and have it in the car when travelling back to UK until ferry/train to not use up mobile phone allowance (unless we have to) Good luck