Mobile phone enquiry

Hi you knowledgable lot !
Having now moved over to France I am looking at cancelling my U.K. monthly contract with Vodaphone for my IPhone 6 Plus and the wife’s iPhone 5.
Is unlocking possible over here ? Is a simm deal the best way forward? I would really like to keep a good 4g signal provider but don’t really want to invest in another phone on contract - can I keep these and maybe contract one and prepay the other ??
I really am not that savvy !!
Dave in Vienne

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you dont need to unlock your phone to work in france but you can request from your current provider for an unlock code to allow you to use any sims. (some phones come pre unlocked I know my samsung s5 and ss6 did. Not sure on iphones though (my wifes uk contract phone we had to pay orange Uk so we could use orange france.

When it comes to contracts they are so varied but nothing like UK deals. Very few unlimited (if any) mobile data plans unless your paying through the nose. I have an orange contract with unlimited calls and 60 gig data per month and free txt messages and with our phone line and internet, sim only i pay 12€ a month for that and when you go over the 60 gig they just give you reduced speed unlike many others who charge you insane amounts for extra data and even cut off your data.

With roaming charges scrapped I found that a sim only UK contracts isgood for calling UK numbers from France and also having people call you. Another French contract will deal with a French calls. You can get dual sim adapters for iPhones but mine never worked properly. Unlocking is simple but you must be out of contract with your provider as privateers will more often than not wreck the phone when unlocking.

We have got a sim only deal from Bouygues Telecom that gives us 50gb of data per month and free calls and texts in France and free calls to 120 countries in the world, cost is 24.99 per month.

I have a dual sim phone and have a Tesco pay as you go as well as a French Free one. This works well for me. He Free is only 2€ a month which includes a number of free calls and texts.

+1 for dual sim phones, very handy if you spend time in 2 countries. I have a Leclec/Reglomobile sim that I use for everything basically, plus a UK sim (02 I think, can’t actually remember!) that is solely for incoming calls when I’m in the UK, to save UK callers paying for an international call when they don’t need to.

Cheers Harry thanks for the input I think I will need to unlock my iPhone to put another sim in it when I terminate my uk contract

thanks Ashton yes I think I will need to unlock my iPhone to put another sim in it when I terminate my uk contract it’s finding someone reputable

Thanks Tim
That’s a lot of data ! Seems quite common not sure even I use that much. Mostly on wifi. Cheers for recommendation

Thanks Christine. Seems like a good idea but that would mean me giving up my current phone which might have to happen if I can’t get it unlocked safely

Thanks Anna, yes interesting possibility thanks for response

We don’t need all the data but the free calls to everywhere is brilliant. Unlocking a phone is easy PROVIDED you are out of contract.

think they are specifically looking for data as he is asking for 4g.

you can get an unlock code easy even if you are still in contract.

Its easy to do your current provider will give you the code (for a fee) :frowning:

Good value for money, buy over the counter at any Leclerc supermarket, put it in unlocked phone and you are away.
Forfait €14.95 or €9.95 more than enough if you ar3 using WiFi.
They piggy back on SFR network and coverage for 4G is excellent virtually all over France

i pay less for my 60 gig plus unlimited calls and txt from orange

How much do you pay, please

12€ for 60 gig with max speed and after 60 gig only allowed 3g.

unlimited calls and txt too, sim only contract from orange