Mobile Speed Camera Question

Does anyone know if these types of speed cameras capture cars going in both directions?

Asking for a friend.


Oh bugger :frowning:

link to the camera, they are bi-directional ime afraid. Radars autonomes chantiers - Fonctionnement, emplacements...


Thanks, @digitracker

Normally NO, they only view and blitz in the direction of the window. There used too be one on the route to Charolais until it was molotoved so many times they took the remains away.

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Haha, here in the Medoc they tend to get toppled over so just end up taking photos of airplanes :smiley: The one near my house is still pointing in the right direction for now though :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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These are the dangerous ones. upto 5 lanes in both directions simultaneously. There was once one on the N79 on a sharp corner but that was hit twice. Dont know if it was replaced.


Only thing worse is perhaps this model…

Up in 29, the local one was painted barbie pink then chainsawed in the middle of the night leaving the stump. Happened several times until they changed the design to both directions and it was left alone, the intrepid slayer of speed cameras could easily have approached from the field below unseen still. It was the big square model like the photo above.


Brilliant. Just up the road from us, a guy has painted his letterbox grey and put stickers on it to look like the radar box. I have noticed cars that dont come from this area slow down when they see it.


Despite being caught out on numerous occasions I think they are the best thing since sliced bread, much better than the awful sleeping policemen and chicanes,
But if only there was a bit more commonsense about rapid changes in limits to catch you out.


I’m mostly annoyed by the fact until now it’s been my other half who gets caught not me… Er, I mean not “a friend”


I have forgotten the number of points accrued due to my wifes lead foot, honest😁

N 79 our route into Macon.

Is that the one near the quarry?

At least BillyButcher will be able to set his new one to read road signs and automatically reduce his speed to the correct level, I imagine he’ll really enjoy that :joy:


As bad luck would have it I received a letter this morning advising me of an infraction. 88 in an 80 zone so 45 euros if I pay up quick which when paid will generate a 1 point deduction form my licence.
Its a fair cop and not surprisingly the payment website is very slick to use.
My gripe is the differing limit on N roads from 80 to 90 depending on which department you are in.


Thats the one.

It feels as if raising revenue is the obvious outcome of up and down speed limits. Even satnavs/google maps can get caught out. I see Sygic mapping now has a speed sign reading abilty available via the mobile phones camera. Beat their tech with tech is the only answer.

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