Modern music is rubbish?

Indeed, but US politics apart it’s the way it suggests that Richards becomes a bit confused with more than three strings at his disposal :laughing:

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The WSJ have actually done a relatively short piece on this today interestingly. It’s a shame it is so short as I’d love for someone to look into it in a much longer form piece to put out in the public realm what the creative side of the industry has been struggling with for some time, and it’s not just music either, television is becoming more and more ruled by metrics and the huge datasets streamers obtain. Netflix being the kings of ‘paint by numbers’ (stats) shows, which comes full circle to the current Hollywood strikes. Writers can’t just write good shows anymore, they have to write shows according to the data, the data from viewers. Sad state of affairs in some ways, and makes me think when I watch something how my behaviour ultimately affects the product.

It’s a distortion which applies across the board, in all forms of media. YouTube channel wants you to like and subscribe; join my Patreon etc.

Maybe the music industry is splitting into heavy industry - the “artists” driven by metrics and maximising their money-making opportunities - and an artisanal part, where the artist builds a following, “pays her dues”, hones his craft and hopes to make a reasonable amount at the end. The artists I know (of course) belong to the second group.

He only sounded like a miserable old git. Actually a very witty, considerate guy. I toured with him in the 80’s and had a lot of fun sitting in on interviews. He couldnt stand stupid questions and answered with the utmost sarcasm - going straight over the head of some…

Makes me like him even more, or rather perhaps why I liked him in the first place.