'Mona Lisa' could be set to make rare tour of France

Would love to see this painting in the flesh. Sadly, never been to Paris and not likely to any time soon.

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Saw it many years ago, when we were still tourists…:relaxed:

Wonderful atmosphere in the Louvre in those days… respectful crowds gazing on the many master pieces.

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Before I lived in France I’d only ever visited the northern port towns. Since living in France I’ve never been north of Lyon. I plan to see more of this beautiful country in the future.

We spent nearly 30 years holidaying all over… thought we’d seen it all… .:zipper_mouth_face:

But no…France is a bit like Dr Who’s Tardis… there is always more than you think… always another corner to discover… another hidden treasure. :relaxed::relaxed: … just a bit further along the road, around the next bend…


She would probably be glad to hit the road. Apparently Da Vinci used to carry her around with him.

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You haven’t missed that much. She is much smaller than you think, and mounted behind a very thick glass screen that you can’t get close to. So that plus the 10’s and 10’s of visitors standing in front of it, and the low light conditions means you get to see very little. I think she was much better in my imagination than real life!

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Oh dear… we obviously had a better experience than you did… can’t remember the time of year, but the crowds really were not that bad… we didn’t even have to queue for the Eiffel Tour. :relaxed::relaxed:

Just for Mandy… a whirlwind tour… :hugs:

Wow! Thank you Stella. What a fabulous place. Will definitely visit some day.