Money money money

um, is it possible to pay a cheque drawn from another eu (euro) country into my french bank account?

cheers, teresa

It cost €15 to clear a euro cheque drawn on an Irish bank through my french account. It also took a couple of weeks to be credited to my account. I try to encourage direct transfers but not everyone uses internet banking...

yep, I work for agencies across Europe and all payments are done either by bank transfer or paypal. Never been asked to take a non-French cheque and wouldn't if I could help it ;-)

I'm having a nightmare with payments at the moment. Most of my clients are non-eu and international payments are costing me a fortune. I keep asking for just a deposit through PayPal or bank transfer with the balance payable in cash on the day of arrival - and they keep paying the lot in advance!

The worst part is that in May and June I'm going to be working my butt off for payments received in March! Mind you, the credit card is loving it, we might even get down to zero balance before having to re-use it again in June when we have no money coming in.

Tracy is right, it'll cost a king's ransom, although the receiving bank should have published the fixed fee on their website. Electronic transfer is always fastest and cheapest...and clearly safest.

a font (fount?) of knowledge as ever Mme Thurling... i'm preparing early for all financial eventualities this coming B&B season... back to bank transfers & paypal i think

x teresa

Yup, it'll cost you though so it's better if you insist on French cheques in the future - our branch of CA even took a sterling cheque made out to my maiden name which our UK bank (with whom I have banked for over 30years) refused!