Monthly Contract Landline Broadband?

Does anyone know if there is a short term (preferably monthly) telephone and Internet service provider?

I used to have a standard annual contract with SFR, but I let it go because I wasn’t using the property very much.

Mobile Internet isn’t an option due to poor reception.

The Landline etc is all there. I’d just like to only pay for it when I’m there!

Has anyone heard of a short term landline contract and if so by which provider?

I think it’s just Orange who offer this facility - not cheap!

We only pay for the broadband charges via Orange and not the phone line - they used to both be about 25 euros a month until I found out you don’t have to pay the line rental part which offers the telephone calls only - but it turns out you can either pay for the line rental and/or broadband - it seems odd I know but we now just pay for the broadband part and it works fine.
I used to have orange enable/disable the line whenever we were there - but after the above step effectively halved the cost I stopped disabling it.

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