Monthly Theme

(James Higginson) #1

I though it was about time we got a bit creative in here, so I suggest we run a monthly theme, it’s not a competition, just somewhere to show off your photos based loosely around the theme of that month.

Would anyone like to come up with a theme for July?

(James Higginson) #2

I have images with a few stock libraries, most sales I used to get came through microstock sites like istockphoto, I used to get paid about a quid per image, until i decided to market only through Alamy! I would sell a couple of hundred a year but it’s not the money spinner it used to be. I haven’t sold anything via Alamy yet!

As low res images are quite acceptable for web purposes, pro photogs lost out to happy snappers in that area too. IMO if you want to make a living as a photographer you’ll have to find a niche market.

(neil whitehead) #3

I’m up for it! I keep meaning to get around to posting some on various selling web sites. Have quite a few on Flickr which I think could be of commercial use. In my past life as an AD and designer used to use quite a few agencies in London but the cost was high.

(David Sass) #4

Good thinking James - I would like to get a collection of ‘interesting’ shots that maybe we could offer as Stock Shots to Ad agencies etc who need images for ads etc - I used to own an ad agency some whileback and used stock shots for presentations etc quite regularly - there are even sites where we could put some pics on to sell - I used t use but that site is now closed and for sale!
Just a thought

(neil whitehead) #5

More for Heatwave

(Graham Dooley) #6

Starting the August theme “Heatwave” photos taken at Dinard, La Page du Prieur

Where in France can you find such quiet and beautuful beaches in August. Photo taken tday.

(Helen Barnes) #7

So what’s the theme for August?

(neil whitehead) #8

Bit of an event - the TDF was in town but for us we had a couple of teams staying with us for the amateur event. Which invloved lots of porridge in the morning and heaps of pasta at the evening meal and getting up at 5.30. Shots of the start, including Alain Prost on two wheels.

(Stuart Wilson) #9

Hi Neil

Nice looking MGBGT in the background.

You have captured the little girl beautifully.


(neil whitehead) #10

Good idea but there are so many! Couple from the classic car show at Escures, one from Montaner medieval festival which is on again next weekend and one from the Crouseille wine festival.

(Stuart Wilson) #11

You are excused Andy, Cavendish was moving quite quickly in last years tour LOL. Excellent photo though.

(Andy McNee) #12

Not quite a local event, but local enough for the 15m people who go and sit by the roadside every year. This is an image from last years tour taken near Narbonne. Its a shame Cavendish was out of focus but you only have around 2-3 seconds to get whatever you can! I will be out there this time in the Pyrenees somewhere to try and better this one

(Graham Dooley) #13

On Sunday I visited the local Classic car display and market at the port of Legue at Saint Brieuc. I found a lady their who had a really “crappy” job. She sold “Dry Toilets”. For all you environnementalistes out there this is it - needs no more than a bucket of wood mulch ? No odour and keeps the veg garden happy. Thats my dog looking very interested.

(Graham Dooley) #14

Must go its to bloody hot to be sat at a computer - the fete des moules at Dohouet today.

(Graham Dooley) #15

No that can be boring how about “Unusual Local Events” for example last year in June at the local VG we suddenly had a mini tornado which soaked everyone and everything.

(James Higginson) #16

Perfect, loads of opportunity this month.

So July’s theme is “Local Events”

Thanks Graham!

(Graham Dooley) #17

How about “Local Events” such as fetes, kermesse, moto-cross etc