Moon tonight - beautiful

Tonight’s moon, out here in the Charente on a clear, still night (no wind), glowing golden sunset and the moon rising to the southeast, was just a lovely thing. Low on the horizon, white, possibly full but seemed not quite perfectly round.

I hope others on SFN might have also seen it. Did anyone photograph it, perhaps?


No photograph, but we did gaze up and remark how lovely the moon was just before 11pm tonight… This was after several glasses of something appropriate, having spent most of the afternoon at A&E with the elderly mum of a friend. Said mum was enthralled by French A&E and how kindly she was treated by everyone.

Tonight’s moon made us all glad to be alive, shining so brightly and with the stars twinkling down from a wonderfully clear sky. We had spent a couple of hours with the family, discussing the future for elderly mum and deciding that each day (as always) is a gift.

So glad to be living in France.


Full moon tomorrow :full_moon:

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We’ll see that moon then … we are volunteers at the Perigueux Foire/Expo and it doesn’t shut until 11pm. :roll_eyes::upside_down_face: