More French twittery

my partner went shopping today as you would expect on xmas eve - whilst i stayed home and relaxed !

she popped into a new toy shop to look for something and whilst browsing a man approached her hurriedly asking about something which she didnt understand - so she said sorry i dont understand - he repeated the garbled question this time raising his voice - she still didnt get it and said i am sorry i cant understand you i am English - at which point he rudely demanded to know if anybody working in the shop could actually speak French !

so she then told hime she didnt actually work at the shop and was just out shopping like him , he then apparently just turned on his heels and walked off without a word or apology.

so ignorant ! but funny too

Hahaha - that happens to me all the time. It must be my red anorak-coat thing that looks like a uniform. Supermarkets, garden centres - I am invariably taken for an employee. Also my local supermarket people always pounce on me when faced with an English-speaking person ("can you help this poor person please please") I met one wretched woman who was looking for custard powder & spoke NOT ONE WORD of French after 13 years (I'd imagined she was on hols, but no, permanent resident...). Also random sweet old French ladies ask me to mend their specs (shops clearly v dangerous for lens-pinging-out).