More Fun From the Brit Political Scene

Sorry to be weedy, this made me laugh very loud. Worse than a fart in the peace of deep countryside…

"Mark” began by telling Mr Farage
(who as you all know, is Archetypal Toady, with Boris, for Monsieur Perv-Orange)
…that he was “incredibly grateful” for his contribution to British politics.

He insisted that he had been an “ardent Remainer” who “believed the European Union was the best thing for us” until “something monumental happened” that completely changed his opinion.

Thoroughly hooked, a concerned Nigel asked:

“What was that monumental thing, Mark?”

Without missing a beat, the caller replied, deadpan:

“I was kicked in the head by a horse”.


Funny, but not undocumented in the annals of traumatic neuropathology, “brain-switch” is a well known phenomenon following a blow to the head.

Perhaps if Bojo were to trip up a kerb, fall off his bike, or get too frisky and faire une partie de jambes en l’air with a bed-knob ?

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Im not going to worry about Boris. Whatever it is that caused trump to become more incoherent by the daily tweet, seems to have been catching. …There’s an obvious trend, a vying to be The Next Great Visionary Leader Of The World. M.Macron had the symptoms ages ago., but Greta has got him in turning cartwheels. It needs music. Something very grand, orchestral.

Me neither. Hoping for a self -fulfilling prophesy is somewhat alluring right now viz-a-viz “dead in a ditch” along with all the other detritus of human existence :smiling_imp:
He’s just a pathetic moron.