More grist to my social media paranoia mill

“Perkins’ report offers a dizzying list of data the TikTok app can access while it’s running, including the device location, calendar, contacts, other running applications, wi-fi networks, phone number and even the SIM card serial number”

Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean…


Don’t look over your left shoulder! It’s getting close, don’t spook it, it might get you !

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If TikTok users are happy to eat washing machine tablets and file their teeth to points, the chances of them having the slightest concept of cybersecurity is about the same as my being elected Pope.


Good job I’d put my drink down when I read that :rofl:

Well Said!

Another worrying thing concerning Tik Tok is that it now appears that most teenagers get their news from this platform.

That’s what makes it all the more worrying IMO.

All part of the CCP’s 50 year plan to destroy the West without firing a shot.