More Macs than a Burger Chain

I have decided to not publish this in the Computer section as I feel this is more generic.

A Do you Favour Apple Mac Over The PC Platform?

I just assumed that the split amongst members would be as per the global average. But as I rarely research, I thought it best to check some stats.

To be frank, I still don't know what the percentage is, as I simply clicked on Headline "Apple to Dominate the PC market in 2011 estimates show."

I will give the article a read, but at a guess it embraces not just the 'computer' but a raft of other 'must' have devices such as smart phones, tablets, and if it's to be believed, now, TVs, Fridges ,Wii Machines and the like. This is all another issue. The Xmas period will throw the stats out anyhoo.

I open this debate/nay discussion, especially as it's nothing to do with France, là différence, food or anything that seems to create tensions. But is something that we all share, internet access.

I broadly assume that every member has a computer? Unless you are down at the library, or currently using your 'Smart fridge.'

Myself, as a Designer will be very Mac biased, although my imac is uses UNIX hybrid bits 'n bobs (inside stuff)

I have, a shed load of other Macs, because ..I do. We are a family who email, or message each other when tea's ready.

Well, there openeth the Discussion. Who uses what and why? I would be interested to hear.

Our studio, used to use Wacom tablets vingt years back, big 'uns little 'uns, not just as a a 'dis the mouse' click-a-tron, but as a draughting aid.

Hooked up to Freehand ( Illustrator ) the stylus was a great device for drawing in real time, straight onto the screen. Great for me as I draw with my left, yet click with my right hand. I probably still l have a dozen or so of the tablets in a tea chest in the UK, nowt here, tho'.

Wacoms and other draw-to-screen devices are up to to a few hundred of your English squids, and I don't buy from ebays, as that is a shop for poor people, and the things can have germs.

So I wished, I wished on my Santas list, for a Magic Pen for my ipadiculator. Low and behold ye Santa sceptics he brung me one, good and proper, all stylistic and ergo. A wing-ed Griffin scribe stick! I was cock a hoop, and Cock o' the Northern semi half.

It taps like a shunter, fits snugly behind the ear, and will be a gurt lush anti smoker crutch, come the New year, for the sucking on.

Triff for the typing into the keypad, for he with swollen thumb and fingernails so long. Only bah Humbugger tho' is they don't Doooo Inkcape, for Mac ipad. The wonder app is not downloadable as yet. Pass me a PC I feel a sketch coing on.

what else can I play with....?

Irate from Cap

Hi Jaqueline, a Mac family, that's great.

What a brilliant 'hobby' your husband has 'Mac recyc . Some models, I understand even, fairly up to date ones are available really cheaply on ebay and suchlike. The Mackintosh 'prototype' sold recently for thousands, didn't it?

Some early models are very much sought after collectors' items, I wish I had hung onto a couple myself. It would be sad if Apple lost its autonomy with the demise of the CEO, if it were to re-merge with, say, Microsoft, there would be a watering down, not unlike Cocoa Cola's acquisition of 58% of Innocent smoothie maker's stock. A clash of cultures and ethos.

I have a mental picture of your table full of apples, it's almost traditionaL



We are a Mac family - haven't always been, but once we made the first step we (or husband) got hooked. As somebody who knows his way around most computers he says the quality of a Mac is far superior to any PC's. I would say he is totally brainwashed and spends way too much time and money buying old iMacs to tinker with and rebuild and then find homes for them to have a new and happy life. We all (husband, 11yr old son and I) have a mac desktop and laptop and there are always at least another 5 or 6 in bits on the dining table. He could however have worse habits and hobbies, so I'm not too bothered!

He he Fiona I wondered why I started using them.

It is true though, the ease of use, the styling the whole info graphics thing is what we buy into. I suppose PC isn't a platform as such, everything is a Personal Computer, even Mac.

I suppose what we mean is operating system in the main MicroSoft, then a host of different software packages all by different houses, some brilliant some not so good. All 'PCs' are made by different people with different criteria, budget, educational market etc etc. The Mac user likes the total package, not just the graphics, but the build and design quality. Most of which was down to Steve Jobs' input I guess, long may the ethos continue.

do you key into a set template?

ooo nice one..2 A4 to view?

my iMac was 1500, 24" love it as I am a writer and can work on more than one page at a time


Guess so, there isn't any point is producing dross, hard or soft. Its amazing how the prices have dropped, I the first 'screen' we bought for a Power PC was £5000 plus VAT, my current desktop was 800e all in screen guts, bundled software...its amazing. Do you design your own things Simon?

apps will change over time I suppose

me too, as a Machine being single producer they seem so solid, but its the apps that is the leveller

would be good to know

all I hear from my partner is damn pc is crashing again

Yo, Nice one Simon! no contest in my view, apart from hi end film apparently I wonder what the split is amongst members?

I am not concerned with whether they are better than PC's or not I just know I love them and prefer them

Macs for me every time since I gave up on my Amstrad