More Tory lies

I don’t know if any of this is true, but I’m sure Mr Wildsmith will be along at any moment to explain how various China-based reptiles & the like, conspired to bring to light the deficiencies in recent Tory policies …encouraged, of course, by J. Corbyn.

We wait with baited breath as no doubt do many Chinese based reptiles.

Or maybe Joe Bloggs will pop back up as his alter ego Dan Dare…

Interesting how many right of centre governments have tried, and in some cases are continuing, putting the immediately perceived needs of their economies before the immediate protection of their peoples.

One doesn’t take any satisfaction in death tolls, but there seems to be increasing correllation between higher death tolls and the above prioritising.

Which is why, imperfect though it is, it is pleasant to see France putting it’s citizens above it’s economy .If France is sacrificing its catering and tourism industries it would seem to be taking this affair very seriously.