More Votes cancelled in some communes

The first reason quoted… is because the public were not allowed to be present and witness the official “counting of the votes…”

another was because the Voting Box had more than one “entrance”… so extra votes could be slipped in…

Another was that the official document recording the count… was not sent to the Prefecture…

crazy goings-on

I’ve just realised there were 21 infringements right across France… where votes were cancelled as a result …

At first when I read the list I thought, oh well, pretty much all in the North and Paris, then I saw Dordogne, Haut-Garonne, Landes, thus instead of oh well, oh dear. :neutral_face:

Yes, it is bizarre. Elections happen regularly… and all use the same sytem, so no idea why this much trouble getting things right…

Two people resigned from our conseil over a row about setting up the room for the election last Saturday night! They were criticised for putting the booths in a different position in the (very large) room from that traditionally used……Couldn’t make it up! As long as it meets rules who cares!!

Sadly, there are always folk who will criticize… and with nerves stretched during this election process, I suppose the elastic just snapped.
Seems a shame to lose 2 elected folk due to a difference of opinion. Local councils have enough on their plate, without losing members.

Very interesting reading the list of various grounds for the cancellation of the votes.

Yes, I thought so too… an eye-opener.
Now I understand why our Secretaire is so insistent that stuff is done in a particular way.

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People have plenty of practice too, the elections for délégués de classes every year are done according to the same rules and woe betide the naive inexperienced colleague who does it eg a main levée etc. There’s a voting station with isoloirs, the right assessors have to be present etc etc

Apologies, I haven’t read through more carefully but how has that impacted the final %age of the vote between the two candidates?

As I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you work out the percentages… :rofl: :wink:

And some of our conseil members were sent to a training course as well!

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