Most annoying adverts on the telly

Not on “conventional” TV but YouTube: a weight-loss product / technique. or some such called N**m. It’s all over YouTube – including in the middle of videos, most of which are either serious factuals, cookery or TV drama – usually at annoying moments.

So I think I will have to pay for the ad-free version.


Par contre, the Mobalpa ad is simple and innoffensive with pleasant music. I don’t mind it however many times it comes on (frequently).

The land or range rover ad travelling over desert, under a waterfall, through streams, reversing and stopping at the edge of a precipice. Just your typical Sainsbury’s car park :sweat_smile:

Not exactly adverts but it seems to me that nearly all uk tv programs begin with a couple of minutes intro showing what’s coming up. To make matters worse often just before an ad break I will be told and shown what’s coming up later. FFS I’m already watching the fecking program…I really don’t need to know!!

If you think UK TV ads are bad, spend a week in the US. :crazy_face:

Eeeerrrr just give me a moment to think about that, no thanks :scream::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


An ad for something called “thortful”,no idea what it is for but it has two people sitting at a table making stupid noises and pulling faces at each other,even our cat runs and hides behind the sofa when it comes on.

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Any advert for that well known quasi scam Equity Release.

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An hour long tv programme now seems to have more ad time than programme content time.
I can quite easily go to the loo, then boil the kettle and make 2 cuppers and return to my comfy chair to resume watching the last advert before programme resumes.
How long before the same scenario will apply to BBC?
Oh and before anyone advises that ads can be skipped we dont have any gizmos that do that as we prefer to watch tv as it comes, might be old fashioned but–‐

What about Radio?
I listen to Classic FM when I am in the kitchen and the adverts for cruises really annoy me.
There is one with a breathy woman saying that there are only 996 like minded people on the same ship as you and one that says that you can kayak up to the edge of the Antarctic. If you are so concerned, don’t go.

Dulcolax… ça fait chier ! :rofl:

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Oh and don’t forget all those guaranteed policies to help with your funeral expenses. The famous over 50 guaranteed plan. and the like.

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All adverts, all of the time! Anything you actually want you can look for on the web making adverts pointless. Marketing is mostly lies …