Most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

(Helen Wright) #41

Watched some more footage today from New Zealand…abuse of dairy cows in milking sheds…Toronto…pigs in metal crates queued up in 100 degrees fitting convulsing and gasping for water and air…Belgium…total psychos who make me wonder how on Earth their mothers could have raised such sadistic animals…

Defra responding to hours and hours of Animal Aid footage of abuse are aiming to have CCTV in all uk slaughter houses by 2018…

(John Withall) #42

Nut roast :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

(stella wood) #43

All this talk about ghastly abattoirs… makes me glad we can buy what is grown locally and slaughtered locally too. I am really pleased that folk around here are red-hot about the environment and welfare… it does cost a little more, but not exorbitant, and worth every penny.

(Helen Wright) #44

Yes agree nut roast is horrid…

I did a little more research on France…seems they are introducing CCTV cameras in all slaughter houses too during 2018…I came across a French pressure group L214 and watched some of their undercover footage of previous investigations…

The livestock around me seems well cared for…small cattle farmers…small herds of different breeds on pasture with sheds for winter…I’ve seen a few small flocks of sheep…a few goats…no pigs out in the open…the odd horse and Shetland pony…Where it all seems to fall into the abyss is in transport…loading and unloading and in the abbatoirs…unbelievable violence barbarity and unnecessary cruelty in the worst of them…but I imagine the small farmers have to choose an abbatoir…???

I watched an investigation into shipment of French cattle to Lybia and Turkey…absolutely not a good advert for French farmers and French labelled meat…

It must be great to have local producers where you are absolutely certain of the source the ethics and the welfare…something to aspire to…

This seems to be a good idea…???

(Helen Wright) #45

Well…for some reason I always thought that France was pretty hot on animal welfare and organic and pesticides and antibiotics etc and was some idyllic paradise compared to uk…I’ve now watched the majority of L214’s undercover footage and read follow up reports and although My French isn’t great it would seem that around 85 per cent of the French public have been horrified too…

The extreme out and out totally unnecessary cruelty torture and barbarity exposed by L214 has led to prison for some…good… The abbatoir was also dealing with livestock from farms who have organic/bio status…top label serving gourmet restaurants…so the animals have been reared on open pasture to the best of the farm’s ability and then some delinquent sadistic cretins at the abbatoir who thought they would never be exposed are now behind bars…

I’ve not eaten red meat for years but it doesn’t change my view that consumers should absolutely be made aware of what they are buying…

I would imagine the organic/bio farms in question were equally horrified at the inhumane treatment of their animals…

I’ve also watched footage from a humane abbatoir…definitely the way forward…

(John Withall) #46

So you can fool some of the people some of the time. Don’t even consider looking at Bulgarian farms if the French shocked you.

(Helen Wright) #47

I admit I haven’t looked at Bulgaria John…my activism up until 2 years ago was centred around uk…I guess the question there is…does Bulgarian meat end up imported to France…???

Whilst I don’t eat much myself I do raw feed my Border Collies and try to buy as ethically as possible for my own peace of mind…

After watching L214 videos and reading reports I’m now considering milk free cheese…! I don’t drink milk either but cheese and eggs are a huge part of my diet…been looking at “cheezly cheddar”…have never tried it but aim to do so in the next week or so…hoping it’s not as horrid as nut roast…x :wink:

(John Withall) #48

I don’t know if it ends up in France but it does in the UK.
What’s wrong with the milk?

(Helen Wright) #49

Just the treatment of dairy cows in intensive farming facilities…the way their calves are taken away immediately after carrying them for 9 months (same as humans…) they can only produce the milk after pregnancy and birth so are kept constantly pregnant and constantly having their calves removed at birth and the treatment of the removed newborn calves in some industrial facilities is appalling…I don’t drink milk but milk is used to produce butter and cream and cheese…all the foodstuff I like and consume on a daily basis as a “vegetarian”…,There has to be a better way…The only way I can think of to at least slow down the cruelty is to vote with my conscience and my (limited) budget and boycott these facilities until they either cease to exist or bring their facilities up to a humane standard that we as consumers can have confidence in…???

(Helen Wright) #50

So I just briefly searched Bulgaria…and back to compassion in world farming…I don’t get it…,is it that animals are being exported from amongst other European countries France…and then slaughtered and sent back to uk…what is actually going on…??? Wtf was the French butter shortage all about just before Xmas…Why does France import diseased distressed and dieing horses from Toronto…??? I’ve never eaten horse either but for people who do surely you have a right to know…???

(Mark Robbins) #51

People should have a right to know how their food is produced, but the vast majority probably don’t care, as long as they can get it reasonably priced, i.e. cheap

(Meghann Robbe) #52

For me it was my stay in Singapore -a fish eye ball🐟

(Alex Thurgood) #53

Made by a previous neighbour as an iron supplement…

(David Brenner) #54

Mazzeralla. Lamb intestines stuff with bits of lamb, herbs and garlic. Wrapped in lettuce leaves. Tied up with more intestines. Then braised in stock/wine.

Cif e Ciaf. Anything left on the shed floor once a pig’s been slaughtered and turned into salami, prime cuts, sausage etc and deep-fried.

'ndoca 'ndoca. Same as cif e ciaf - only boiled instead of fried

‘Delicacies’ from Abruzzo, Italy