Mother's Day in the UK

(Mandy Davies) #1

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK.

To all those celebrating I wish you all a lovely day. For all those missing their Mum’s today I send love and support.


(Andrew Hearne) #2

Thanks for the heads-up, Mandy, I would have missed that one! :open_mouth:


(stella wood) #3

If it were not for Mums… none of us would be here… so Mums are certainly worth celebrating… :hugs::heart:

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(stella wood) #4

Of course, it is not MD in France, but I celebrate it anyway…

Given some portions of this homemade cake to my neighbours today… both families have reason to be sad … but this is so delicious it has brought a smile to their faces… as well as smudging chocolate everywhere…

OH was anxious that there would be none left for him… but, all is well.


(Mandy Davies) #5

That looks yummy :yum:


(stella wood) #6

It is chocolate cake with a chocolate/cream mousse-type top…

The cake is supposed to have brandy in it, but Jeanne hates alcohol so I made this one teetotal …

It is meant to have icing sugar sprinkled over the top and decoration of raspberries or whatever plus pouring cream… but we have settled for this whittled-back version and do not feel it lacks anything. (except the brandy says OH)…

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(Ann Coe) #7

Thank you Mandy, have a great day with your mum.
We always celebrated the French M D and usually tried to have a day out or do something special.
Of course today is really poignant as well, missing my dear mum so very much …


(stella wood) #8

If you were nearer, you could have shared the cake… :upside_down_face::hugs::hugs:


(Paul Flinders) #9

A couple of years we wound up clebrating both.

Father’s day is the same.

It’s ssoooooooo unfair :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


(Lily Stevens) #10

Thank you Mandy,
Lost my mum 52 yrs ago and still miss her everyday.
Stella, I really have to fancy chocolate and I fancy a slice of that cake :yum:

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(Nellie Moss ) #11

It’s 29 years since I lost my mum and I can still laugh out loud at some of the things she said and the jokes we had together


(Mandy Davies) #12

I know how fortunate I am to still have my lovely Mum.

Sending love and hugs to you today xxx

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(stella wood) #13

I have very few happy memories of my own mother… (that’s life)… but have many, many happy memories of MiL and so many other mothers, ladies I have met over the years…I’m a Mum and so is my daughter… all of the happy memories go into one big pot of sunshine and smiles…

That is Mother’s Day for me… in whichever country… :hugs::hugs::hugs:


(Bob Sivell) #14

Blimey Stella, your MIL must have been an exception…certainly as far as mine was concerned…

I couldn’t stand being in the same room as the bloody woman…ironically, I was her favourite son in law.

Can’t think why; I did everything I could to stop her talking to me.


(Timothy Cole) #15

They should have the same day throughout the world for Mother’s Day, would save on the stupid conversation we’ve had with our respective mother’s every year since 2005 - ‘are you doing anything special today to celebrate?’, no because it’s not fooking MD here!

I’ve had two MIL’s so far, the first had a thing about her age and refused to get a bus pass so that people wouldn’t know how old she was, her wrinkled face and white hair were a clue but I never mentioned that. The current one scared the kids when they were little and still does even though they’re all in their twenties, like Bob I try not to speak to her but that’s often difficult as we stay with the in-laws when we go back to the UK. The woman has no sense of humour and doesn’t like my jokes, bit like some on here.:grinning:


(stella wood) #16

@bob_sivell and @tim17

My MiL realized, pretty swiftly, that I adored her 2nd son … that did give me some Brownie Points…

She and I did not always see eye to eye… clipped words were sometimes exchanged… but animosity never took root.

Only one particularly difficult occasion, when I really had to stand my ground… against the whole pack of them… (only OH was on my side)… anyway, I felt really sick inside but refused to concede…

Many years later, actually while I was with her in her last hours… she confided in me that it was just as well that I had not given-way on that occasion… so long ago… and she thanked me for taking such good care of her son.

I was very lucky… others have had the proverbial MiL from Hell… but, my one was basically a nice person… :hugs:

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(Timothy Cole) #17

I took on four kids under 6 after their father fooked off, didn’t get me any brownie points. What more could a saint (sorry SIL) do?:grinning:


(stella wood) #18

Wow… you were very brave… and, by the sound of things… you’ve had a raw deal.

Edit: MiL apart… have you enjoyed being Dad to those kids … :upside_down_face::hugs::hugs:


(Timothy Cole) #19

I’ve never been bothered what people thought of me so couldn’t care less about MIL who is totally motivated by money and wealth, the kid’s father is a dentist and couldn’t compete with that sort of earning potential so I was never going to be well thought of. Ironically the guy is a lazy bastard and spends all that he earns and we’ve probably accumulated more asset wealth than him despite bringing up four children.

As regards to being a stepfather, it’s been hard at times but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


(stella wood) #20

Money is ok to pay bills… but personal relationships are worth so much more… glad you enjoyed the kids… :hugs: