Motorway bridge collapses in Italian city of Genoa

Absolutely Tragic, for those poor souls, in the wrong place at the wrong time :heart:

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Terrible news, it will be a miracle if it is only twenty casualties.

BBC reporting at least thirty five dead

ghastly happenings… how anyone came out of that lot alive… is amazing… so sad for those who died and their families…

Before this one, it seems than 10 others bridges collapsed in the last five years

Obviously lost their ‘touch’ since the Romans :expressionless:

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Dig a little deeper around t’internet and you will see many posts about the poor state of Italian bridges and viaducts - the Viadotto Gamberale is a fine example. It stands 85m (taller than that in Genoa) high and is a 2 lane viaduct. As you can see from the pictures below, it is in a very poor state with the reinforcement steel exposed and the concrete spalling - an these towers are not solid concrete…they are hollow!!! And yet, the viaduct is still open to traffic!

Very shoddy construction work.


I dont think I will be passing this way any time soon…


Yikes!! Gulp!!! :skull_and_crossbones:

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Seismic activity in Italy might not help too :fearful:

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I agree Babeth - but this is pure shoddy workmanship. Steel reinforcement should have a minimum of 50mm cover of concrete to prevent corrosion of the steel. It is very clear that the piers to this viaduct do not have this. Rainwater can seep in to concrete, thereby rusting the bars. Combined with frost action, the corrosion of the bars forces the concrete to spall, thereby exposing the reinforcement leading to more corrosion.

Looking at these photos, I dont give this viaduct 5 years - probably a lot less following what happened in Genoa.

Absolutly criminal ! It seems that already 10 bridges collapsed in Italy in the last 5 years. I wonder who were the architeques and who is the company who does the maintenance ! My dad, 87 years, told me “an other problem with the Mafia …” :thinking:

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I think you may have hit the nail on the head there Babeth - Mafia!


I don’t understand Italian much, but I can understand this is not normal !

That’s a couple of years ago, if the pillars are in that state, what’s the deck like? :unamused:

Remind me not to go over any Italian bridges, or under them for that matter.

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I’m not a bridge expert, but when I look at this one it’s very simple, a bit like a lego one ! No “ropes” on top to hold the structure likes those ones


Wow, that is shockingly poor work!