Moving Autoentrepeneur?

Hi all,

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I'm after a bit of advice here. I have been operating my little business from my home in the Dordogne as a garagiste for a while now, having jumped through all the necessary hoops to register. Trouble is, I have just moved to a bigger property 3kms from my old one which is in the Charente! Enquiries made so far with those who help with these things seem to suggest that I would have to start again which means proving my credentials with another Dept de Metieres. This is a concern as different departments require different proof - I have a friend who is a garagiste in Charente who had to attend an interview, difficult for me as I am currently housebound! Surely there must be a way of changing my address without all this hassle?

On a similar theme, my original "recipisse de declaration" lists me as a " garagiste & achat et vente objets occasion" but my siret only lists my principle activity - garagiste. I'm about to open a small shop to sell secondhand items so my publicity will need to show my siret or siren number which only lists garagiste! Some may think that I am operating beyond my remit & honest folk will not use me although I AM legal! What do I need to do?

Any advice gratefully received!

Thank you, Tracy, I will try this. I could not see anything on the form about including my secondary activity on the form, which I need to do as any advert using my siret comes up as Garagiste, difficult to explain if I am trying to sell furniture!

Hi Mark,

Go to this page and on the left hand side it says 'modifier/cesser son activitie and just declare a change of premises, shouldn't mean you have to start again.

Good luck