Moving day minus 3!

This time next week we will be there, the furniture will be in , the bed made and I hope a glass will have been drunk.........HOWEVER if I could by pass the next 3 days I would!

We will be there xx

thank you Paula! We will be waiting for you withthe kettle on and the rosé on ice! You

Hi Annie,
Your will be fine,the last few days are always the hardest.
I remember when we moved to France the night before we left I was still painting the last of the skirting boards!
Then a fretful sleep worrying about traveling with the animals,laughing,crying panicking!
but guess what Annie it’s all worth it.
You have met tougher situations,you and JP have taken up the challenge and will have an amazing life with your lovely pets.
Ed and I wish you both all the love luck and happiness,remember what we both have on our walls Live Laugh Love.

Sending lots of hugs to a lovely,lovely lady.

Stay in touch

Paula xxx