Moving départements as auto-entrepreneur


I set up as an auto-entrepreneur last year so I could teach business English. I am currently in the Ile de France but am due to move to Haute Savoie for my husband's job, this summer. I am not sure if I will be start teaching straight away as I will need to build up the contacts but does anyone have any experience of moving as an auto-entrepreneur? Is it best just to close it and start another one once we have moved? I would be grateful for any advice please. Thanks

Brilliant! Apparently in the Lot everyone has had major problems with the RSI in Cahors, so filling in the correct forms will help hugely. Although I presume I too will have some problems, bound to happen !!!!


don't forget you need to change BOTH addresses, the business address and the home address otherwise you'll have the same as Catharine, they'll send things to the new address but have the business registered at the old one, or leave the old address if the CFE is likely to be less there once you start paying it (after three years) ;-)

Thank you, that sounds like good advice.

I've changed from the Cantal to the Aveyron to the Hérault and back to the Aveyron and will be moving to the Tarn in a couple of months, that's three différent régions too! No hassle, just fill out a P2 online, print it out and sign it and send it off as described on the form:

if that official link doesn't work, I think they're working on the site at the moment, try this one:

I moved from the 64 in Oct 2009 and despite notifying the RSI and Urssaf at the time, it took until Jan 2011 to get registered with the Urssaf in the 40. Urssaf in 64 insisted that they had not received any notification of my move although all the letters stating this came to, wait for it, my new address.....

Good luck!

I've no experience as of yet, but I'm just about to do the same thing. Moving from the Pyrénées Atlantiques to the Lot. I too plan to write to both departments. I'll let you know how I get on.


A French friend who is a tennis coach working as an AE did that. He simply wrote to both offices in the respective departments and told RSI/RAM he had moved from one place to another and continued as normal. As far as I know all he had was a letter of response from 33 and nothing from 24 having left.