Moving house

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the best place to post this and I apologize if it has been posted before but I am hoping one or two of you can help with a query I have.

I own a property in France and would like to move, I have heard some horror stories of how people have to pay (up front) some crazy amounts in deposits etc, does anyone know if there is a way that deposits can be paid from the sale of a property rather than having to find it up front as cash.

Answers from actual experience please not hearsay - thanks in advance, Roz

Thanks Debra, it is comforting to know as it is a lot of money and I am sure most people haven't got the ready cash.

Thanks Catharine and Andrew, that has been very helpful and 5% isn't so bad to find I guess

5% and the chéque is cashed by the notaire. Some still ask for 10% but I've just paid 5% on the place we're buying (sixth time I've bought here (5 places sold here too!). It is possible to sign a compromis de vente without paying a deposit (I've done it once) but it is very rare and the vendeur has to agree.

We have always had to put cash into the notaires account :(

Thanks for your reply Catharine, did you have to produce cash or a cheque to be held?

Never ever heard of deposits being paid retrospecitvely - have only ever paid (5 or 10%) upfront. Anyone else?