Moving more stuff to Tarbes

Hello, I need to move my stuff from London down to Tarbes in South west France. Can anybody on here recommend a moving company? Or somebody with a big van? Thanks Martin

Have you looked at doing it yourself with a hired van or a friend with a big van/lorry? The cost is going to be horrendous as you have to factor in crossing the channel. It cost me over €6000 just to move from 29 to 66 last year and that was the cheapest devis but included insurance. A big professional company like Bishops Move would be au fait with the new regs but won’t be cheap and I have heard good things about them. Maybe get some quotes from international removers. Also if you have stuff that is not breakable/valuable, contact a few french hauliers, they, like their brit counterparts sometimes have empty/part space in their trailers for the return trip home.

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Yes, we were incredibly lucky with our removal. We’d been dropped in it by a small one-man-band who decided at the very last minute that it wasn’t worth the hassle (this was during Covid and he was worried he’d get stuck at the port unable to return back to the UK). With just a couple of days’ notice we found a local company who were not only driving over empty to collect stuff, but they were driving to Bordeaux… 75KMs from where we were moving to!

This is the company we used. I really can’t rate them highly enough!

We used a removals broker when we moved to France.
They have contacts throughout the industry and can put together those going in your direction who may be going out empty.

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We used shepens to move from Switzerland to Ireland and from Ireland to France. Cant recommend them enough

just done a trip with our furniture tools etc from UK to 87, Enterprise van £450 for the week unlimited miles, out of country cert + RAC £300 + fuel, tolls and channel crossing.

Thanks All as always. Van hire sounds a good idea and cheapest. Does the hire company do all the paperwork for you to be able to take it to France?

I just used Uship to send a half van load to the south of France. The cost was under £1000, everything included, but I completed the paperwork myself–it’s not that difficult. I had people at both ends and an inventory (but you have to draw that up as part of the paperwork anyway).

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