Moving regions in France

Perhaps I have seen 2 mosquitoes this summer! Some years there are more but this year has been very hot and dry. However, I always keep an anti mostique spray to hand and an after cream just in case. If you find yourself in Chalais, I recommend the Peroquet Vert as a good point to pick up lots of information about the area,(includes an estate agent to give you an idea about local property) and some very good home made cake for energy.

Thankyou so much Karen. Yes, all those areas interest us. We want more ‘bang for our buck’ to be honest. We don’t mind more rain if the summer is decent. How are the moustiques down there because we suffered this year.

I see you are considering the Charente. If you are coming from the Var,house prices will interest you here. We live in the south of the department, close to the Dordogne,the Gironde and the Charente Maritime borders. The climate is very pleasant. I watch the weather on France 2 most days and we regularly have temps close to the south of France,not too much rain, and some frost in winter but not too much. Lots of winter sunshine too. I have lived here 16 years, our French neighbours have been very welcoming but there are a lot of English here too!

You definitely don't get much Saharan dust in the Sarthe Shirley !

How's the moggy ?

Yes, I’m the one who waited 18 months for my Carte Vitale! I always try but my grammar lets me down sometimes. As long as we can communicate! Sounds lovely!

Yes, I know it cos' I was close to buying a farmhouse in 40Ha about 25 years ago next door in Le Breuil. The property was eventually bought by the SAFER by 'droit de preemption' unfortunately. The property overlooked the house of Maria Cazarès the actrice who was still alive at the time. The views were brill...

our village has 2 Brits only, me and 1 other on outskirts. fortunately I have no choice but to speak French as best I can! The friend speaks none having lived here 14 yrs and coming to France for over 30! Apart from me all her other friends are English who also don’t speak french . I think it’s terrible they are like that. To have a mixture of both is good, the English for a change, l love it here with the locals, they accept me for who and what am I am, but they don’t want any of Hollandes Migrants here! So for me 1% English is good, I can get my fill of English Language out of listening to sensible UK TV programmes.
As to the other 99%, they are all French or derivatives if .I.e. I Belgian and I don’t have a problem with that - only the paperwork!

Yes, its lovely, I'm in Beaumont, a delightful hamlet of 11 houses, 3 of which are British, the rest are French, and we all get on. Every summer we have a hamlet lunch - everyone brings food, drink and friends...

not to mention the Saharan dust David and we got that in the Herault also, up in the mountains!

Rural, a bit of land, privacy & no renovation. Budget 300,000k. Husband loves having grass to mow!

What kind of thing are you after Miriam ? Prices are still falling so a great time to buy.

Ah, ok. I thought there was a Hte Vienne connection somewhere along the line.

Quite like the Alloue area. Lived nearby for ten years until getting a job further east.

I recall loads of Brits (and Dutch) but can honestly say I never had any hassle from anyone.

No mistake Peter. Mainly in St Johns Wood, often in Bellac, rural retreat near Alloue.

Hi Elaine,
We’ve just looked at Penne d’Agenais & it looks beautiful. We will be staying in Monflanquin from Friday & will visit. We are looking at a house near la Sauvetat-sur-Lede in plum growing country. How far does your micro climate extend to?

No, the Var just an hour from Nice.

"Charente" ? I thought you once said you were in the Limousin ?

My mistake..

Hi there we live in Penne d'Agenais, which is about 8 kms from Villeneuve. We have been here now for nearly 12 years. There are Brits here but not so many as the Dordogne. We have a bit of a micro climat here and tend to not get as much rain as other regions. It has been extremely hot this year and most years we have a very good early and late season with temperature in the 30s, high season has been 40c +. Hope your move goes well.

Regards Elaine

Thanks. Such negativity can be very wearing. As admin for the Charente forum…choose your location wisely…facilities are a little strung out here.

Both. They want the climate (& don’t we all) but continually criticise the way of life. I think it’s hypocritical to carry on with the Britain is best attitude when you live in France. If it’s true, why not go back & live there! If you make no effort then you will be resented but just like in the UK there are good & bad.

How do you mean…anti French? Just curious. Do you mean they don’t mix… Or they dislike French…