Moving south east to south west France


I posted a cup key of weeks ago about Lot Garonne & looking to relocate from he Var. We’re through the 10 day cooling off period on our sale & purchase of a lovely house near Monflanquin/Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Due to relocate in December. Does anyone have any links to decent removal companies or any experience of making a 6hr move?

We’re expected to know the volume of our contents to the square metre & have had quotes of up to 7000€ for the contents of a 2 bed villa.

Any help would be appreciated.



Just sent you a friend request, so you can get in touch easier. Sandra

Thank you Sandra & I’m sure I will. Haven’t even thought about doctor, vet, CPAM etc!! Nearly finished unpacking & nothing broken. Jon is lovely. We were really grateful for that recommendation. I’ll be in touch!!

Best regards,

I am so glad you have arrived safely and that Jon did a fantastic job for you. If you require any further information about the area, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will help if I can :)

Hi Juliet,

Thanks very much! I know you’re right although the dog took one look just now & went back t bed!!

Hi Miriam, just a note to say welcome to the area. I am near Lougratte. I hope your move went smoothly and I am sure you will love this part of France, it is very beautiful, varied scenery and on the whole excellent weather! Juliet

I want to thank Sandra Hahks for recommending Jon Davis for relocating from the Var. We arrived in the Lot yesterday & he did a fantastic job in every way. Lovely to be here safe & sound.

Yes, Billy it is right. Funny the things you learn!

It’s quite likely correct. We were unable to use a UK coach company to pick up a group in Germany to take them to Austria once. We had to use a German company.

I am sure you are right but surely that is against EU law regarding freedom of movement and being able to work abroad. More likely to do with insurance at a guess, not being covered unless the journey starts or ends in the UK, after all HGV's must be able to load and unload and travel around France unhindered, surely ?

Bon chance !

Try ET Brokers ?

"Who are we?

We are an independent european removals brokerage working in the highly specialised area of personal and corporate furniture removals, both within the UK and throughout the European Union."

I’ve joined!

Thanks Royston.

In addition to group47 website, another good one to use living in this area us Angloinfo Dordogne
Both have Various trades advertising

Regards Royston France

Hello David,

Yes, they came back & said no, they couldn’t do it. You’re right about France to France as well. It’s quite hard to get removals here that’s for sure.


Hello again Paul,
I phoned reflexmoody & they don’t do internal France to France but thanks anyway.

When we contacted a british based removal company for a quote within France they refused, stating that UK removals are forbidden by French laws to make a removal french address to french address, has to be a siret reg company. So not sure whether the (to me!) perfect idea of getting the same firm for the two moves and on to Cumbria could work?

Many thanks Paul!

This Salisbury based company may be interested to quote. They specialise in removals to, from and across France.