Moving south east to south west France

We’re waiting for an estimate from Jon who Sandra Hank’s recommended but we have had trouble. If they don’t come in at something more reasonable we may do it ourselves by van hire! I’m not paying the price of a small car to move 6000K.
Thanks Rachael

Ridiculous price. We paid under half that for a move from Alpes Maritimes to Midi Pyrenees (don't ask me who we used though because I can't remember). Lucky you Monflanquin! We visited it last Sunday and took photographs. Lovely village. Hope all goes well!

Thank you for that Royston. I’ll have a look. Especially if we ever find someone to move us over!

Suggest you log on to. group47 website, which is an English very active and helpful site for the area you are moving into
Regards Roystonfrancd

I’ve emailed him Sandra!

You're welcome, hopefully Jon can help you :)

Thank you Sandra! Will contact him tonight & let you know if I have any luck. Very much looking forward to our move. We love it over there. Valerie is right. Thus is just what we need. I hate it when they see us coming!
Kind regards,

Yay, well done Sandra. This is exactly the sort of thing you need I think, Miriam - personal recommendations. There are a few too many p-takers out there I think.

Hi, I can highly recommend Jon Davis, email phone 05 53 79 26 48 and Mobile 06 50 54 86 80. He lives and works from the Lot-et-Garonne. I know him personally and also he has moved items from the UK to my house in the Lot-et-Garonne at a very reasonable price and cannot fault him. Well worth giving him a call for a quote. Let him know I recommended him. Thanks and good luck with the move to this lovely part of SW France. Kind regards, Sandra

Good advice Haydn. If they want that sort of money I would want a champagne fuelled, chauffeur driven limmo to take me there as well as my goods delivered. Will keep searching!

An absolutely ridiculous figure Miriam. I never paid that to move from UK near Aubeterre-sur-Dronne earlier this year.

Can't help you with recommendations for French companies though, sorry. However take care if they want you to estimate your own cubic meters etc., it's too easy for them to say you got it wrong and add to the bill. Insist on them coming to do the job and give written quotation. If they can't be bothered to do that, then in my mind they're not worth considering.

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your reply. The people we’re buying from are going back to the UK & have been in the Lot for 13 yrs. They’re trying to see if we can do a double up as in pick up our load, drop it, then take theirs to Cumbria. Most are around 3 grand mark but it’s hard to pin them down. I’ll do as you say though!

Yikes!!! It cost me less than that to move 20 or 30-odd boxes (a small van full) from Malta to France!! Have you joined the "Inhabitants of ..." either Lot & Garonne or whichever your nearest big town would be? Perhaps someone living in that area already would know of a good local company?