Moving to France post Brexit?

Would be grateful for advice please - we were residents of France until Dec 2019 when we moved back to the UK to care for an ill parent. We want to move back to France but are not quite in a position to do so yet…but we’re really concerned about if we will be able to move back after Brexit

Would the advice be that my husband relocates before 31/12 to ensure residency which me and the kids can then benefit from after? Or do you think we will be able to live there again relatively simply after Brexit?

Any advice would be really helpful.

I don’t think anyone can accurately answer that right now it will simply be an opinion. Hopefully the position will become clear quickly.

How long did you live there?
If over 5 years, did you obtain a 10 year titre de séjour before you left.
If you did, you are allowed to be out of France fo r up to 5 years wihout losing your residence rights.
If you did not get a 10 year cds I think as you say it may be necessary for one of you to show residence during 2020. I am sure the answer is there if you read the withdrawal agreement carefully, it seems to cover every possible scenario.

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We were residents for less than 5 years…I read somewhere that returning within 2 years was possible under previous residency but it wasn’t an official document…
Will keep searching

In that case I think one member of the family would need to have moved back before the end of the year.
UnderEU rules if you have been established for less than 5years you can be absent for up to 12 months consecutive for a good reason and I guess looking after a parent is a good reason. But if it is over 12 months I suspect you will have to start from scratch as if a new arrival.
Have a look at article 16 paragraph 3 of the eu freedom of movement directive.

Probably the 2 years you are thinking of is the length of time eu citizens with over 5 years residence can be away but this does not apply here.

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You will of course be able to move back to France after Brexit, but it means you will have to meet conditions of having an adequate income and be able to self-fund the cost of joining the health service.

People moved countries within Europe before Brexit and they will do so again. You just wo ,'t have an automatic right to do so and will have yo get a Visa.


For younger people losing the automatic right to work or set up a business in France is the probably the biggest game changer.
I agree for comfortably off retirees or early retirees who no longer need to earn an income there will be no great obstacle.

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It’s all written down… but for the life of me, today… I can’t find it…

My understanding is this…

For any family member to benefit from the generous terms of the CdSejour Withdrawal Agreement… (which is seen as an advantage over later CdSejour… when Britain will be 3rd world country)
one of them has to be in residence in France this year… now… before 31/12/2020…

Whether any other family members will be able to gain that “advantage” subsequently…(in 2021 etc) I am not sure… but if none of your family is here in residence before 31/12/20… none of you will be entitled …

difficult times and difficult decisions…

Have a look at this…

I agree, my younger family members are furious! However that still won’t be impossible, just a bit more complicated and require a bit more preparation than hopping on a train and then asking around for bar work and the like.

For some it will prove impossible.
Unless a worker has a skill o r talent to offer that cannot be recruited within the EU, it will be hard for a French employer to get a work permit for them
We used to employ 4 British kids as posted workers in France every summer and so did a lot of outdoor activities providers. Most of these kids had no real skills to offerapart from enthusiasm and a bit of ambition. For some of them it was a life changing experience and gave them something to build on. These kids wo’t get the chance now.


There are loads of young Australians, Americans and New Zealanders under 30 who come over to france on a visa vacances-travail for up to 2 years. Don’t see why this couldn’t be equally possible for british people.

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Hopefully the uk government will set up some kind of working holiday scheme with eu countries but so far it has not.

All this could have been avoided, with a motorcade, Dealey Plaza, a grassy knoll and David Cameron.


That’s a differemt question…

I don’t think the French government are going stop young people setting up company’s in France as long as they pay taxes and don’t take any benefits it will be fine

Or Nigel Farago.


And paying for their own healthcare

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Yes, but the book depository would probably have been closed as part of local library funding cuts and the grassy knoll may well be off-limits for being too slippery (Health and Safety - very important y’know)


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