Moving to France post Brexit?

On a similar vein, does anyone know what the position would be for a Brit married to a Hungarian who currently reside in the UK (ie after 31/12).
Would the Brit be able to locate based on their partner’s Hungarian nationality on the same basis as if they were both EU citizens? Or would the Brit be treated differently even though married to an EU citizen !

The EU citizen has freedom of movement, and a non-EU spouse will be granted residency. What I don’t know is whether non-EU spouse will still be able to get WA benefits from the UK if this all happens after31/12/20

We have some friends who arrived a month ago and have a 12 month rental contact drawn up by Marie, and have been advised that this is perfect for residency proof

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So are you saying that an EU citizen does not need to prove residency within the EU ? Seems unlikely to me.
Also what are W.A.benefits please?

Up until Brexit UK nationals were not required to register of prove residency in France (other counties had different rules) you were just expected to abide by the rules of freedom of movement which allowed 3 months stays without any paperwork. In fact after three months people should have registered their presence but in reality this rarely happened as nobody could be bothered - least of all the French.

WA = Withdrawal Agreement which guarantees your rights to continue to live, work, or study in France on the same terms as currently. So things like continuing to get UK benefits that you already get.and for older people continuing to increase annual state pension and getting support for healthcare.

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They include being able to be away (once you have done the initial 5 years) for up to 5 years, where other EU citizens can only be away for 2 years before loosing permanent residency. I believe that there are also some benefits with pensions but I have not yet read about this.

Portability of contributions being one. :wink:

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Getting the annual increase another

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No need for annual visa 265 Euro ? (small amount)

and healthcare paid for by UK from state pension age or now for x-border worker (to France contribution level)

and if not contributing to France healthcare, continuing exemption from healthcare / social taxes (larger amount of euros)- WA protects because Title III social security co-ordination applies Regulation 883/2004. (Factcheck welcome). However, post brexit what would be / is treatment for third country nationals?

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TCNs join the health service and pay for it like anyone else, and pay social charges.