Moving to France

"We plan to move to either somewhere in Brittany or near Ruffec, in the near future - Which do you think is the best place and why?"

We would like to move to the Ruffec area in 2015. We have visited Ruffec in June and fell in love with the area and way of life. Is there a more favourable area within easy reach of the town?

Thank you for the reply. I think we are tending to Charente region, mainly because the weather is slightly warmer then UK. Hope to visit next June for 4/5 weeks to hopefully get a feel of the place, if you can in a few weeks.

Brittany ....begins more or less at Cancale which is a little lively in summer

and enjoys it's oyster s and quay side seafood restaurants.But not alive in winter

and, I guesse the same for Ruffec. Charente is a harmless region.
Depends on so many things...


Sorry near Poiters, did not realise there was more than one.

which Ruffec?

Weather in Ruffec will be better, but it's a tendency to be a bit "English". If that is what you want, go for it. Where in Brittany?