Moving to france

we are moving end of 2013... i will be taking early nhs pensions, then will have to supplement that with gite income and whatever work my husband can pick up as a floor and wall tiler. Presumably i just declare the NHS pension income on arrival ( proof of income) and then as income comes in -( she says with an air of optimism ) - declare all incomes - hopefully under the AE if M Hollande does not get rid of it. Am I also correct in saying that we do not need to get health insurance for the first 2 years as we are covered from the UK?

We will be buying so have no rent or mortgage. I do find the tax etc scary but, with open eyes and mind happy to give a go.

We are researching areas to live at the moment. Have just got back from the Gironde, did not fall in love with it there so crossed it off. I like rural areas but not isolated. Love mountains etc. Next stop will be near the mountains in southern france - Auch area. However I suspect with our budget we will end up travelling further north.

Appreciate all comments