Moving to Languedoc-Roussillon

This is the first time I've done this so hope it's okay. Myself and husband Henry Blackmore hoping to move from Dublin next September. With that in mind, we are looking for a 3 month rental for April to June to do some on the ground research for a place to live. I would welcome any suggestions, advice, contacts re rental, etc. Ideally, the 3-month rental would be around 30 - 45 minutes drive from Carcassonne.



I have never done a blog before, except a post in the “introduce yourself” section, which was back last January, when we were looking for somewhere to rent for 3 months to do some on the ground research for a place to rent longterm or to buy. Well, since then, we found our rental (through an SFN member!). We landed on 28th March and have spent a glorious time since then experiencing life in a mediaeval village. Village life is a whole new experience for Henry and me - we both grew up the suburbs of South Dublin, minutes away from all amenities. Now, with military precision, we have to plan shopping and all other activities around the closing hours here. We missed closing time at the little shop here in the village once, and ended up having tinned cassoulet and yesterday’s bread. Quelle horreur! Needless to say, it has only happened once! At least, we had had the wit to buy some canned goods on our first excursion to Intermarché.

We have experienced the markets, the daily life in the village, the frustrating but ultimately successful attempt to register our car here, met many people - delightful, mannerly, quirky, or just plain odd, and I should add it’s quite a mixture of ex-pats, Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish, German, Dutch, Spanish, and of course the French.

After ten weeks here, we have decided this village is for us. We are currently negotiating on purchasing a property. Fingers crossed for us please! :slight_smile:

The house needs some work but is perfectly habitable. Unfortunately it has had termites, which we are assured have been treated, and the owner states he has all the necessary certificates. He also says the price is “tous frais compris” but I need more clarification on what exactly he means by this. I have emailed him and await his response.

It has certainly been a wonderful experience so far. It feels like years since I left my job as a Legal Executive for a law firm in Dublin, and no, I don’t miss it! Henry has made a living from art for the last 30 years, and so can continue on here in France. Check out his website, I won last week’s Billboard Auction,, and so there’s a handy link there.

So now it’s up to me to decide what I can do to earn a living here. All comments and suggestions gratefully received.