Moving to Saint Martory...anyone nearby?!


My partner and I, with our 1 year old little girl, are in the process of buying a place in Saint Martory (near Aurignac). We’re a young creative family (I’m 27, partner’s 28; I’m a writer and yoga teacher, he’s a drummer/sound tech/art tech/builder of things), moving from London, and would love to connect with English-speakers nearby. We’re learning, but our French is very limited at the moment!

If you happen to have a kid(s) of a similar age, and/or work in creative professions, it’d be extra wonderful to hear from you. We have relatives in the area but are distinctly lacking in friends…

We’ll be in Toulouse frequently, so we’d be happy to meet people in the city too.

I look forward to learning lots from the wisdom in these forums :slight_smile:


Hi Izzy, I’m not in your area but I moved to France in September 2017, also with young kids and not much French! I recommend hanging around your local playgrounds to meet other local mums and also if there are basketball courts or similar near the creche/maternelle/school at 4.30 when schools out. I’ve met lots of people and a few friends this way. Bring and share some treats (gouter), introduce yourself and you will find a lot of people want to practice their English with you and you can practice your French with them too.

Hi Georgina,

Thanks for your reply - and especially for the tips! It’s good to hear that you’ve managed to meet some people and make some friends already.

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