Moving to the area in January

Hello all. We're going to be moving to the area next month from Seattle, Washington with our two children (girl, 5 years and boy, 3 years). We have a vacation rental in Capestang while we explore and find a long-term rental. In that vein, we thought we'd see if if anyone ...

- has a furnished house (3BR) they're looking to rent in the area for a year or two.

- has children our kids' ages to meet up with. We'll be putting them in the maternelle once we're settled but as we know it might take a bit, a few playdates might come in handy!

We're pretty open in terms of villages/cities as long as we're in walking distance of basic amenities and school.

All tips for resettling are welcome.

Looking forward to meeting some of you and learning from your experience.



Look forward to it Tasha! Have a good Christmas!

Thanks Jo, I'm sure my little ones will look up to yours! We'll be in touch when we get to town.



Hi there!

My daughter and I live not a million miles away from Capestang, in Argens-Minervois. Your daughter is a little younger than mine - who has just turned seven - but she would still love to play with yours! She plays well with older and younger children and would absolutely love playing with your little boy too!!! If you are interested in getting the kids together when you get here, let me know!

Andrew, its a house by friends who wanted to be back in Bern, Swiss, for for health reasons, insurance policies etc. Now the house is not being used, but fully furnished and if you want me to take some pics, sent me a PN as I don't want to give location and info via an open media like Internet. Yes, the area is cool...

Thanks Theo, we're open to Uzes if you want to send us information about the house, we haven't been to that area but it looks lovely,


Hello Andrew, just in case you are also interested in the region around Nimes, Camargue, Uzes, so the Gard department, we can help with a specious house near Uzes where there are good schools, "university pupolaire" (good for French lessons 4 free) and lot other facilities. There is quite a good balance of international foreigners from Swiss, USA, UK living...