Mr. H's birthday

If I've read the list on the left of the screen correctly, then August 8 is JH's birthday. In which case, I shall be returning to this short post tomorrow to leave him appropriate wotsits. (Isn't it bad luck to do if beforehand?)

Thanks everyone, had a great day!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you - have a great day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day James. Best wishes from me and him. :-)

James H is young enough to journey through the great adventures of life.

And old enough to treat them wisely.

I am sure that he will have a special day.

Same day as James Higginson - something suspicious about that. Does James wear a bald wig and double as pres in his spare moments between pallette tables, SFN, Catharine and...? Oh you did mean James, not that bloke with the Rottweiler who shares his initials, well, well, well!

Don't let on to him, but we could organise a surprise virtual party on SFN!