MS Query

Does anyone have any experience of Multiple Sclerosis care in France as a Brit? We have a place in France but currently reside in the UK. Hubby is currently undergoing tests in the UK that are expected to diagnose MS. We had hoped to move to France but are now wondering what the practicalities may be. We have no experience of healthcare there or how we would access it as an ex-pat. We would, hopefully, be working or self-sufficient.

I think you have probably captured a niche market there!

We have commented in the past that you don't see disability in France...with the exception of one old man we have seen in our local market with a walker and portable oxygen.

Thanks again everyone.Que sera sera!

We have half a dozen wheelchair accessible apartments in Brittany and while we started out trying to flog holidays to able-bodied and disabled people alike it quickly turned into a disabled only affair.

We have certainly educated the the locals over the years as (lets be honest) the French people mostly hide their 'crips' away... How many French wheelchair users do you ever see???

In the summer our little town is now filthy with them and local bar owners, shop keepers etc have modified the accessibility of their establishments to make the most of our customers and their desire to eat, drink and be merry.

Good advice - Thanks Carl

What is is that you do?

90% of my customers have MS and we find the doctors, hospitals, travelling nurses,care staff and our local pharmacy in France to be first class. Of course most of the time our customers do not need any medical help but we have been doing this for a few years now and sh*t happens (as they say).

Until you know more I would carry on as if nothing has happened. MS can effect people in so many different ways and with so many different levels of severity. You just don't know. (and anybody who tells you different is an idiot)

Yes, We have lost many, many good friends and customers to MS but on the other hand.... The majority keep on trucking AND keep on smiling.

Follow your dream and figure it out as you go along.

Thanks Jane.

Thanks David, I've bookmarked the site. I'm sure it is one I will visit often.

That is good news that you are near a centre of excellence.
Moving to France is fraught with difficulties, you think that you have most things covered and then they find something new to challenge you with. Avoiding excess stress is a good thing too, so my advice would be to use your place in France as a holiday home until you are more sure of exactly where you are.
The medical care in France is excellent, but France is much bigger than UK, so some times you may have to travel further than you would expect.
Good luck and don’t be afraid to ask for as much help as you need.

You may find this of some interest.

Medical care is very good in France. I realize that Parkinson's Syndrome is an entirely different condition but the care a friend received from the neurologist at her local hospital and the support she received at home was excellent.

Thanks for you reply and your wishes Jane.

Our local hospital here in the UK opened a Centre of Excellence in September 2015. We went for the first consultation there 3 weeks ago and we now wait for an MRI scan, lumbar puncture and results so that he can receive treatment. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that he almost certainly has MS. His 'episode' began a couple of weeks before Christmas, he is now much better than then but still has some issues though he has managed to continue to work. We are fortunate to run our business from home so taking a 10 minute break when needed isn't an issue. We are hoping that once he is diagnosed and is on some form of treatment, we can perhaps return to some sort of normality with general life and maybe return to the plans we once had re: France. So much is up in the air at the moment and we are both keen to keep it as normal and enjoyable as possible.

Melanie, it can't be any worse than the treatment you receive in the UK. Our experience with my mother in law was that she got help whilst at home and when she became too ill and difficult to manage, she was diagnosed as having dementia.

She did not get the extra financial help to which she was entitled as an MS sufferer. This was in Northamptonshire. They were just keen to keep their costs down to the bare minimum. We were fortunate to find a nursing home where she was well looked after, although even they admitted she was difficult!

I know my parents in law received a great deal of help and information from the MS Society and I would contact them if you have a positive diagnosis.

MS varies from person to person, so there is no way of knowing at the outset how you will be affected.

The medical care in France is usually excellent, but I would do some research and try and find a centre of excellence as near to you as possible.

I wish you both well as this is an insidious disease.