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So he was also promoting la défense et illustration de la sécurité française… :wink:

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Nope, I’m clearly dumb :rofl:

First line of a poem :wink:

Well known to French students…

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And fans of Ridan

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Eddie’s visit yesterday was useful and he agrees with much that has been said above and with @larkswood12’s message to me. Thank you. :wink: :smiley:

At his suggestion I have ordered a memory stick to keep all my passwords on so they only need to come anywhere my computer during a brief consultation when needed. In order to accommodate this item I needed to free up some USB ports adjacent to each other. This I have done by transferring ones that never need to be removed to the rear, and thus more difficult to get to, ports. I have 8 in total and now have 2 empty ones handily at the front for this purpose. I will then delete completely the password file from my 2, permanent external drives and still have 2 places with them all on, just in case because in addition to the new, dedicated, stick I will still back up my 2 permanent externals to a third drive which has never been a permanent fixture.

I have changed several passwords to things less predictable after realising that the habit of making them memorable to me has to cease, now that I will have almost instant recourse to them all when needed.

Eddie advised the first 2 things to do in the meantime was to change the Firefox password and the Skype one. The Skype was easy and was acknowledged as a change by Microsoft. I know they own Skype but does this mean that I have changed my MS one and that they are now both the same? Firefox is more of a problem, in the password click that he pointed out to me neither Firefox or Mozilla appear in the list and so far I have not found out how to do it. I presume it is the one that I have to input every morning when switching on after which the Firefox logo appears to be double clicked on to get into my browser and its history. But how to change that is still a mystery. More to do today.

Lastly, again I say how surprised I am that certain organisations, banks etc., do not make it easy to change passwords. It seems to me that, for the most sensitive ones, it would be, in addition to creating complicated non memorable passwords, they should be changed on a frequent basis.

If you have to enter a password when using Firefox, I think that must mean that you have a Firefox account. Here’s a webpage that shows you how to change the Firefox password

If you don’t have a Firefox account, then I really don’t understand what is asking for a password.

Edit: From what you say below, is the ‘password to use Firefox’ actually the machines password ? You say you enter it every morning after which the Firefox logo appears. So, do you enter any password after you double click the Firefox icon ?

Maybe the Firefox home page is the email account that needs a password at login.

From David’s description, I think it may be the machines password as he suggests he enters it before double clicking the Firefox icon ‘every morning when switching on’.

I’m not sure why it would be the Firefox icon at start up though, unless his MS/pc account uses the icon as it’s account picture.

But he doesn’t say there is a Firefox logo at startup. If you read what he says in my edit above, he suggests that he sees the Firefox logo after he enters the password, then he double clicks the icon to enter Firefox.

Firefox can set a “primary password” to protect the saved logins

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I concur - MS will always ask for the user password at boot up, restart or coming out of sleep mode. As it’s the first password entered, therefore it must be the MS user password.

Afterwards, because the Firefox browser starts up without a password it is questionable whether there is a Firefox browser password set? Unless David @David_Spardo has made a note of such a password in which case he will remember setting it.

Trying to change a password which was never set in the first place would be fun!

I think it may be an MS password, but I am very confused, even more than normal. I’m going to restart now and note exactly what I see and have to do on re-entry.

Right I fear I may have led you all astray, here’s the sequence:
Picture of a Sloth (that changes after a few logins)
Date, day, time
Click anywhere on screen, sometimes needs double click
My name, empty panel where I input my password (underneath if I click forgot etc it takes me to MS)
Blue screen with Firefox logo in centre
Double click logo, Bing appears. I ignore it
Click 3 bars, history and then restore last session.
Thunderbirds are go. :roll_eyes:

So it seems my password must be for MS not Firefox. So when I changed the password in Skype and MS confirmed the change was that an MS password? But it can’t be because I got here with the other one.

I think I need to go back and confess a forgotten password and then change the MS one to something different. :thinking:

Your Skype and MS account are different accounts and passwords, unless you have used the same password for both :wink:

Think you’re right otherwise my new Skype one would have stopped me logging on altogether.

When you turn the pc on, the first password requested is the one for logging onto Windows on that specific pc. It is not connected to your Microsoft Account password or any other online accounts.

Isn’t that if you change from a Microsoft Account for login to a local account.
It’s been a while since I have used it with Windows 11, as mine use fingerprint login.

On my Win10 and Win11 PCs the local account name and password to the PC are definitely not my MS account login.

Yes the local one can be whatever you want, but using the MS login will be either a choice of your account name and password, number login or fingerprint, if I remember right.